Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Post for 3/1/12

My reflection of the presentation of the movie has many positive and negative outlooks at what the film presented. It showed valid points and a view of how people can have a place so sacred taken from them. My feelings for the people of the tribes involved place me on their side of the argument. They had a wonderful place that has been considered a sacred ground since before the white man came into America and it was taken, then used to build a ski resort. On the other side, the argument and video was made in favor of the Natives and the video was not presenting both sides clearly.
The tribes case was shown very well from many different views from many members of select tribes. It even shows how they were completely left out of most of the processes during the snowmaking expansion. Certain tribes that live further from cities didn't even receive notice of what was going on until just a few short days before the deadline. This would never be an ethical thing for a party to do in any business situation, so why would was it okay in this one? There was a blatant disregard for the Native Americans and I believe it was on purpose to help their own situation. The last part that I thought was unfair was how certain individuals said they were fighting for the Indians and truthfully they were just looking to make money in the long run. It shows how one man was close with the Natives and helped them, but ended up working with the ski resort, a major conflict of interests.
On the other side, the video's storyline follows along with a speech that the General Manager of the ski resort is giving and pauses at each point that he presents and proves him wrong. I believe that he may have been misinformed because the studies could have been done by officials different than the ones in the video. The video was clearly attacking him when I saw someone trying to run a business that was getting approvals from the right agencies. The video focussed heavily on how the General Manger was acting when I think the real problem relies with the agencies signing the papers that allow the resort to act in an unethical manner.
In conclusion I believe that it is not okay for the ski resort to act in the unethical manner in which they went about their snow blowing project. Yes, the argument was somewhat one sided in favor of the Native Americans. But, there were many valid points presented showing how their was negligence and unethical behavior from many parties that discriminated against the Native Americans.

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